Life is Simply Complex

My conclusion thought, after years of study and experience with people, patients, kids, family, elders, is that life is really best when it is lived simply. I hear from them and see how fragile the human condition is and how much we need family and good friends to rely on. It is true. I do not know how I would have survived or would survive now without my best friend. I am not sure I would want to see the person I would have become without my Grandmothers’ influence in my life. Friends and family are vital. Love also is imperative. But that one aspect of life very quickly becomes complex for seemingly no reason at all. And here is the rub. Other people do not usually embrace simplicity alongside you. So their crazy charges into your simple spaces. And bam! Just like that life is more complex than you would prefer. So, on this sea of life we steer our boats along, maybe it is worth a little complexity to be relatable and reachable for people rowing around us. After all, a little tide now and then gets you to shores yet unexplored so you can search for buried treasure and maybe save a lost soul now and then. And maybe if we work on simple with some complexities, we can be simply complex and happy. A lighter side of approachable with something sacred swelling. Perhaps the light of our eyes will bring joy to an unpolished traveller. Perhaps the ease of our touch will lift the spirits of those weighed down. Maybe that is okay after all.

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