A Day on the Beach is Worth Three in the Home

One hour and a half, to be exact, on the beach was worth three at home. How is that possible? The beach is a magical place of refreshing that naturally denies tech its normal dominance. It is a place where children may explore and play in nature and adults can be children. It is a place where comic relief is a bonus when others are noticed wearing inappropriate suits for their body type but who cares. It is a place where pelicans plop into the water to capture their meal hopefully and then rise triumphantly out of the water like kings whether they did or not. It is a place where looking at the water soothes you but being too far in makes you feel like you’ve taken 2 rounds with a much heavier weight class than yourself. It is where you become dehydrated no matter how much you drink though completely surrounded by water. It provides a nice tan or a scarlet burn depending on your diligence to continually apply exfoliating sunscreen (because now mixed nicely with sand). The beach is a place where hundreds of people can collectively look out into the ocean and feel tiny. It is a place of vitality and warmth, sun and shine, food and entertainment but all in an off the grid fashion. Why an hour and a half? Because that is how many quarters we had for the unexpected and highly annoying parking meters at the beach (and a change machine seemed to not be among their priority list). But, that hour and a half was worth days elsewhere for the reasons mentioned above. Who knows how many more days of beach weather we will have, but I thank God for this time with my family (despight my husband’s horrible cold, bless his heart). The kids had a blast but one more bonus is that now they are out cold. So good! 🙂


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