Healing Touch

I have a friend and a daughter that touch me to show love. They extend their arms in hugs, they kiss your cheek, they rub your back, they hold your hand when relaxing. These people have a way of extending their love through their skin to your skin. There is u spoken but very real communication that occurs with every light tap or gentle brush. I do not understand this phenomenon scientifically but have experience it emotionally and even spiritually. There is also much documented proof that touching or holding a patient, even if otherwise non-responsive, is often much more effective than just medical treatment alone. There is something extremely powerful in the act of a touch, even a hand shake. It is important that we do not lose this very social human way of relating to each other. It is easy to go the day without touching anyone (unless you have a child like mine, in which case it is very difficult) but if you put a little effort, there are many opportunities to give a reassuring hand to someone. Maybe that is something we should strive for? It may mean the world of difference to them. After all, Jesus touched everyone and healed them. There is a strong correlation between healing and touch and faith would only make that stronger.

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