Attention to Beauty

The world around us is at an all time dark. But. I can choose to attend to and commit to the Light. I have a choice. I can be depressed or begrudged in the darkness or gravitate to and cling to the Light. That is my choice. It is the only control I have in the universe. I can control my focus. I gave my son a bit book of optical illusions recently. He is more excited and interested in it than his video games! But it shows page after page of different tricks our eyes can play on us and more importantly how the scene often changes depending on the viewpoint and focus. Life is like that. Focus on a problem and you have a really big problem. Focus on the solution or even something else that excites the eye and you have minimized the problem to a workable size. Focus on the Light and darkness cannot win. Focus on love and peace and joy and faith and what on this earth can be stronger? Absolutely nothing. Yes, evil is rampant. Focus on Good is the answer. One other point, you follow what you focus on. Driving is an example. You focus on the trees you pass and before long you have a good chance of being found later among them. Focus has to be where you are headed, you fix your eyes on the road ahead and your chances are much greater that you will get there. Choose your focus wisely and purposely and you will traverse the darkened path much more successfully. Focus on God and you cannot go wrong.


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