The Power of Praise

Praise is a fantastic discovery. It is powerful. It can be directed to people when they are caught doing something good. It can be directed to God because He is always good. It can be directed to plants you want to grow better and healthier. It is amazing. The power is in the positive push of desirable sound waves entering the eardrum or cells of another individual. When these words enter the brain or cells of the receiver, they are accepted as positive validation and verification which releases chemicals that are beneficial to the receiver. These chemicals make the receiver feel good as well as aid to the overall health of that receiver. There is power for the person giving the gift of praise. That person temporarily at least has chosen to do a good thing. This humbles the person and says that someone else deserves attention rather than myself for that moment. The power is the knowledge and good feeling that comes from helping someone or giving them a valuable gift. It is a free gift except for the energy it takes and brief humility to produce the words. So, for very little cost, here is a mutually beneficial gift of praise. The act of seeing the good in someone and sharing that with them is praise. Praise is never wasted. Our words have immense power and our positive words have immense we positive power for the giver and receiver. So do not neglect to praise. You can praise God for just being Who He is. You can praise people who do good things. When you do, you and they will be blessed. Every. Time.

The Encouraging Word

My mind explodes with happiness when I receive encouragement. It is as tie between affirmative words and quality time as my main love languages. I know this about myself. However, the encouragement is somehow trumping the time as late and I find myself very thankful and appreciative for every single word that encourages. Not just any good word does this, invokes this happy response but only those meaningful words from people I respect and love. From other people, it is nice, but from people who know me best, my flaws (which are numerous), my passions and delights, my imperfect ideas, these people complimenting me or sharing truth with me means more than someone who barely knows me and just sees the tidy well presented me on stage. My friends’ encouraging words are breath to me. They infuse oxygen to my soul and make me feel lighter and amazingly special. I believe God puts these blessing friends together when they need each other most. When feeling really down and out and run over by many, God gifts me with one or two angel friends who encourage and renew my spirit with encouragement. It is beautiful and I thank God for these friends (family or adopted) in my life. And when I am stronger and even now, I strive to return the favor and be a source of valuable encouragement in return. What a treasure we can be to each other! Long live the good word!

Good Deeds Unrewarded

Many many times in this world, utilizing the eyeballs in our heads, we do not see rewards for good deeds done. Sometimes, more often now than before in our upside down world where wrong is celebrated and right is belittled we are ridiculed or accosted for good deeds. Often, there is a wonder at why we should bother doing good deeds when they are ignored, unappreciated, punished. I wondered that today once. Why bother? No one cares either way. No one even notices. My employer of old used to say that appreciation only exists until the customer steps outside so don’t do any favors. I completely ignored his cynicism and continued to help when I could. Why? Why bother? The easy answer is because I follow the teachings of Christ Jesus. The Bible tells me to do good deeds. Why? To be applauded and appreciated by man? Nope. We do good deeds because we are told to for the sake of God’s kingdom which is greater than any one of us. We work for God. He is the One we are serving and obeying. And guess what. He has promised an eternity of rewards for those unappreciated and persecuted good deeds done here on this earth. I would much rather have an eternity (which is a very very long time) with peace and reward from the Creator than years of praise from other created beings. If you look at it that way, with an eternal perspective, it becomes much much easier to do the right thing in life.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing people what is wrong in their lives, for correcting faults, and for teaching how to live right. Using the Scriptures, the person who serves God will be capable, having all that is needed to do every good work.” – 2 Timothy 3:16 – 17