Real Monsters Don’t Scare Me

No, monsters don’t scare me. They do exist, they are just not what people visualize. Real monsters are people, looking like someone we know maybe. These monsters have decided to turn their back on goodness and embrace their own selfish desires above the good of anyone or everyone else. These, folks are the real monsters. But even those we do not need to fear because these monsters are never as powerful as goodness. God is bigger. So, what on earth do we need to fear? Nothing. That which we need to pay careful respect to is our relationship with God. Our fear of displeasing Him should trump our desire to be pleased or we become the monsters. But this can be done. It requires a focus on good, a focus on and many conversations with God, a regular reading time in the Bible and positive friends with encouraging words. With these tools of salvation under our belts, there is never a reason to fear. Even monsters have to leave when you tell them to in Jesus’ name. Never fear. Do not be afraid. God is bigger than anything or anyone who decides to act like a monster. That being said, Halloween is still my least favorite day of the year. Not because I am afraid but because the world is dark enough and I think we need a day of light to counteract it and not embrace this morbidity. Just saying. Think positive and think light, my friends. 🙂

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