The Power of Praise

Praise is a fantastic discovery. It is powerful. It can be directed to people when they are caught doing something good. It can be directed to God because He is always good. It can be directed to plants you want to grow better and healthier. It is amazing. The power is in the positive push of desirable sound waves entering the eardrum or cells of another individual. When these words enter the brain or cells of the receiver, they are accepted as positive validation and verification which releases chemicals that are beneficial to the receiver. These chemicals make the receiver feel good as well as aid to the overall health of that receiver. There is power for the person giving the gift of praise. That person temporarily at least has chosen to do a good thing. This humbles the person and says that someone else deserves attention rather than myself for that moment. The power is the knowledge and good feeling that comes from helping someone or giving them a valuable gift. It is a free gift except for the energy it takes and brief humility to produce the words. So, for very little cost, here is a mutually beneficial gift of praise. The act of seeing the good in someone and sharing that with them is praise. Praise is never wasted. Our words have immense power and our positive words have immense we positive power for the giver and receiver. So do not neglect to praise. You can praise God for just being Who He is. You can praise people who do good things. When you do, you and they will be blessed. Every. Time.

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