Joy Stealers and Joy Strengtheners

Media can be good or bad. It can help teach and train. It can manipulate and distract. One steals joy.
Friends and family can be good or bad. They can uplift and encourage and love. They can discourage, distract and abuse. One type steals joy.
You get the picture. Everything in life has the ability to steal joy if we allow it.
The good, no great news is that we are the gate keepers. We can let in the thieves or we can turn the away at the door of our minds. We cannot under something, though, so we still have to li it what comes in. However, we can say that we will not watch this or that or hangout with this person or that one if they are characteristically trying to steal your joy.
And the more fabulous news is that we can strengthen our joy by staying in God’s Word and prayer. Joy does not co e from outside, though it may be robbed if we let it. Joy is an internal thing. And joy is power. The joy of the Lord is my strength. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Think of that. Power comes from joy.
There is a strong connection between joy and peace. Both are internal and God given. Both are very very good for us in every way. Both co next us with God and His power. So everything of His (the Bible, conversations and prayers, His creation of nature) all strengthen joy and peace. Those are what we have to focus on in good times and during very dark days. This is hope.


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