Unrequested Wisdom2

Here continues my plight to share a bit of hard-earned wisdom about life to any young woman who wishes to learn and read and be wiser. It is served to give a heads up and head start into learning this the hard way, as I have done. So here is phase two of this journey.

Nothing is for no reason. That is how life is. Why? Because there is a Higher Power at work constantly. Our plans are only important when we align them with God’s plans. His plans will succeed, can not in fact fail. It is an impossibility. Because His plans will trump any other plans for our lives, it is in our best interest to align our with His (which can be found in the Bible). Then what we plan and work for and invest our time into will be meaningful and eternally rewarding and not futile flapping we see so much of right now. Everything happens for a reason and God’s plans win.

God loves you. God loves me. God loves everyone, even __________ people (the blank can be literally anything). This is how life is. Why? Because God is love. He loves us enough to create chocolate for us! He gave us coffee! What greater proof do you need? Seriously though, He is love. Everything good we know and understand about love is God mixed with a healthy dose of holiness. There is nothing more pure and true than His love. So if we are to honor Him, we must love. We must love ourselves, our weird neighbors, the scary guy at work, the homeless guy, the annoying narcissist we work with, the power trip boss, the murderers in prison, everyone. When we embrace His love, life genuinely becomes less complicated and more meaningful. We are less and He is more, other people matter. Competition ceases and appreciation increases. We become better human beings.

Children are simultaneously and enormous blessing and an enormous distraction. They take up an incredible portion of your energy and time. That is the way it is. Why? Because we are supposed to be raising new adults who love God and can make informed decisions as adults they will so easy be. We raise future adults, a new generation so they matter big time. So, mattering big time translates into requiring big time energy and training. Children are born narcissistic and must be trained into Godly adults. It doesn’t just happen. As evidenced by the many many unchecked and undisciplined children who you have met as adults later who grew up to be bigger egotists and narcissists. When you have a child, that child is necessarily your first priority because of that true principle. You should be changed forever. Also, you understand much more fully why God does what He does for us as our heavenly Father. Some characteristics of God are just extremely difficult to understand until you have children of your own.

I will continue later. Tomorrow is a gig for our band, so I must sleep now. Best of life to you! 🙂

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