Unrequested Wisdom

There are words I have, advice I would love to give someone, young women going through life who need answers. No one has asked me for snippets of wisdom about life. With a pretty bizarre wild ride through countries, states, boyfriends, husbands, children, work experience, Christian walk experience under my belt for the last 41 years, I have some insights. I am now going to share unrequested wisdom to anyone who wishes to seek wisdom from someone older in years or spiritual experience. Here goes.

You will go through difficult things. That is part of life. Why? Because you can not ever grow, see yourself better, realize your calling, realize your gifts, learn anything, understand life more, understand God more, appreciate blessings, realize significance of people and things or make memories unless you first go through difficult things. This is unequivocally the reason, so muscle up and figure it out. As soon as you have humbly accepted whichever of these possibilities brings your current difficulty and embrace that, it will magically disappear. Pridefully fight it and it will go on for years or decades and stunt your growth.

You will go through idiot men. That is part of life. Why? Because some men are idiots, selfish, narcissistic, proud, evil, callous, proud (no coincidence I said that one twice) or non-Christian. And also, you may be no picnic either sometimes (no offense) and may suffer one or more of those same maladies. We often start to date men before we are ready to because of pressure from said hormone driven men, hormone driven us, society at large, some foolish parents, or “friends”. When searching for a man, you will certainly find one for there are many. However, when you are disappointed by their performance in living up to “Prince Charming” (thanks, Disney- you suck), bare in mind that you may have been seeking out someone not ready to be a man yet or your expectations may not have been realistic in general. Our happiness must and I say MUST come from within us and our peace and joy with God or it will never show up, especially with the distraction of a human man.

You will not always know what to do. That is part of life. Why? Because humanistic philosophy dictates we are the greatest wisdom we can find and they are idiots. God made us. Let that sink in a moment and breathe it in. Because He made us and everything we know about, He is smarter than we are. He knows this is true. It is a fact. Sometimes, well pretty often, He allows you to be humbled into realizing this truth and get your perspective right. He will actually provide the answers when you humbly ask Him to. It’s whacky, I know, but it is absolute fact. Truth is often whacky.

You do not have to be SuperWoman. I was such a SuperWoman for a time. It is incredibly impossible to maintain that level of energy through time- to work, be wife, be mother, be student, be church member, be friend, be clean, be organized, manage well, be baker, be chef, be dishwasher, be teacher, be everything to everyone without ever breaking a sweat or saying no or any evil thing. It. Is. Impossible. To. Maintain. So, you do what you can do comfortably without pulling your hair out and leave the rest in someone else’s hands (delegate) or in God’s. Rest in Him. Find time to be who He made you to be, doing the gifts He gave you (what you love and are good at). That is good enough. In fact, that is fabulous. There is nothing that invokes confidence and pride more than doing what you were designed to do, not what people “expect” you to do. If they expect that, let them do it. 🙂

There is more, but I have to go sleep now. I will continue with my unrequested wisdom, despite again being unasked to do so. It is a God-given mandate for me to mentor and I have to believe someone needs to hear these words and may benefit from them. 🙂

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