True peace is granted to those who are saved by our Messiah Savior Jesus Christ as a reward for obedience and focus on God. There is no true peace without that. There may be moments of rest, even years of inactivity, vacillating happiness and such things. However, the internal and external peace can only be experienced when we rest our minds on the One who is big enough to control everything and love us. Both the bigness of God and His love are required to grant peace. Why? Because unrest and everything else peace is not are tools of the enemy of God and the mere fact that God is bigger and more powerful than all of that so is safe and loves us to keep us safe as well is what peace is. Safety. Knowledge that our Daddy commands the universe and loves us decidedly allows us rest. We have peace not because of our momentary control of the situation but because God has permanent control of every situation. We rest in Him by trusting that and having faith that whatever happens along the way, no one can separate us from God, our security and safety and loving heavenly Father. He is our Protector and we are His children who He loves.

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