1 Corinthians 2:14

“A person who does not have the Spirit does not accept the truths that come from the Spirit of God. That person thinks they are foolish and cannot understand them, because they can only be judged to be true by the Spirit.” – 1 Corinthians 2:14

Hebrews 10:30-31

“We know that God said, ‘I will punish those who do wrong; I will repay them.’ And he also said, ‘The Lord will judge his people.’ It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” – Hebrews 10:30 – 31

Memo to me: live beyond reproof to the best of my ability.

Too Complicated

When life requires so much stress to live it, it has become far more complicated than it was ever intended to be. The first purposes of the first lives were to take care of the world God had made, rule over it, have and raise babies, and worship (converse with) God. Our mandate has never changed from that with the exception that we are to go into our world and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ also. So, 5 things we have to do. 5 things. All of the other stuff and fluff are extraneous distractions from our purpose. Is that naive and simple minded, old fashioned and absurd. Maybe, but that doesn’t make it less true, does it? Just because we like our competitive and comparitive busy lifestyle and constant entertainment does not make it righteous. Just because we have grown lazy and tech dependent doesn’t mean it is more relevant to our purpose. Just because everyone is doing something does not make it right. It may very well mean a whole lot of people are wrong together, enjoying the companionship and pleasures of wrongness for a season. Seasons end and change. There is an end to it and we will stand before the One who made us and gave us those 5 purposes and will each individually have to report to our success in our 5 purposes. I am going to make it a point, a conscience effort to work on eliminating distractions from my life and focusing on my purpose for being here. I will work toward taking care of what God made, ruling my section of world, take care of my children, worshipping God and tell people the Good News. I invite you to do the same and maybe we can also encourage each other along the way. May God be glorified!