The Secret of a Happy Marriage

What has worked for me to make my marriage successful and happy is the following list. You may have your own, but this is mine, and I assure you it has been hard earned but tremendously enjoyed once fiduredout and implemented. Here is the list:
1. Choose to become in the closest relationship possible with God. Read the Bible, pray, listen to and watch good teachers, make close friendships with Godly women you respect etc. This is the most important thing ever and works for success in life even if unmarried.
2. Choose to allow your spouse to be imperfect. If they are in sin, point out the sin by explaining its effects on you and the relationship and then let it go. This is enormous. Realize you are not perfect either and so choose to be imperfect together. Work on yourself but realize you are the only one you can ever change.
3. Pray for you and your spouse and your marriage. God can change hearts where we can not but only if the other person allows Him to. You can not push a rope so put the rope down. Pray and then let it go.
4. Forgive every time even if unasked. You are forgiven by God as you humbly ask Him to forgive you every time. You forgive because as we forgive is how we will be forgiven and we want to be forgiven. It is a gift that gives back. Just do it.
5. Remember that you love, honor and cherish your spouse. God gave this person to you. Treasure that. Times will be hard but there are soft times too. Value those moments and really appreciate the curious wonder that is your spouse. Appreciate their Creator through them. Choose to love.
6. Repeat one through five.
You are welcome. It works. Praise God it works!

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