Forged by Design

The soul of us was created and determined long before our physical birth. Our essence was forged by design and loving thought on purpose because God knew each of us could work together to care for His creation, each other and work together in worship of Him. Each person we see, each homeless person, each person dying of alcohol poison or drug overdose,each precious child, each strong warrior. Every person was designed on purpose with love by an incredibly amazing and awe inspiring God who wanted them. What they chose to do with that gift is their eternal choice, but that does not negate the fact that until life is passed out of an individual, they were made especially as they are to fulfill a purpose. And the beauty of salvation through Jesus our Messiah and Redeemer is that until the final breath, every person can be saved and forgiven for squandering their gift in any large or small way and can start fresh to be the amazing purposeful creation designed to be. We need only humbly ask and start a new life and journey. All dirt can be removed. We all come into this world with nothing but our potential and love and a choice to make later. All of us. We will leave this world with the result of the choice we decided upon. We are not so grand to have invented ourselves, matter can not be created by matter but by a higher force. The laws of nature dictate this fact. Evolution is a strong and powerful religion of bad science and lies. I have studied much and am a doctor so implore the mind and spirit to reason again at the impotent ramblings of religious fanatics whose goal is to remove the Deity of God and give it to themselves. Know the truth of your design and you will find that you are dearly loved and wanted. There is no mistake. You are no mistake. You are on purpose and loved. You have potential and choice. Please know it is never too late to be restored to your rightful state of effective worship and community with God and His true believers. God loves you so very much and made a way to begin again through Jesus Christ. Feel free to pray to God and feel free to reply if you want me to pray for you.

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