The Perspective of My Life

My life can be viewed as the absolute best life on the planet. And from a different perspective, my life can be viewed as the absolute worst life on the planet. Mostly, the difference is my perspective and how I choose to see it or spin it. For example, I can focus on the myriad and diverse really horrific things that I have gone through during my lifetime and the many negative things that happened this very day, and that can give me this bleak depressing viewpoint that would easily buckle under a weaker-willed soul. Or. Or I can focus on the extremely good things that have happened during my lifetime and the few nice things that happened today and I could look like the luckiest, most blessed person on the planet. So my perspective choice can crush me under the rock or leave me cheering victoriously top of it. It is a matter, as so many things are, of choice. My choice. It is the one thing I can control. Trust me, often there is only that one thing. And the thing is, every life is filled with horrible and best things. Every single person has good things and bad things that happen to them. Every person has the same choice of focus to make. I usually choose the optimistic, blessed side of life to focus on. Why? Because I am God’s child and have eternal hope no one can take away. What is not to love about that knowledge? Some days, like today, I get into a funk. It is the that I get out my powerful pen and paper and write until my perspective changes. Focusing on the good things makes the bad things less powerful, less meaningful. Choose wisely.


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