The Threat of Heaven

A story is told about the great preacher Dwight L. Moody, who once picked up a hitchhiker, as he had done so many times before. This particular time, however, the hitchhiker pulled out a gun and commanded that Mr. Moody pull over the car. Moody reportedly drove on peacefully. The gunman repeated his demand with the gun closer to Moody. Evidently, calmly Moody asked him, “Please, are you threatening me with Heaven?” I love that story and have no idea how it turned out, but it gives us a proper perspective on life, doesn’t it? “What can men do to me?” is another verse in the Bible. They can hurt us, damage our stuff, take our things, even mess with our lives, but they can never separate us from God and our salvation through Jesus Christ, the Messiah. No one but God can take what belongs to God and He loves us. In Him is our hope. Don’t look for hope or encouragement or happiness from this world. It is not something it can offer in any lasting, true and meaningful way. Our hope is in God and salvation through Jesus Christ, Yeshua, and it comes with an amazing eternity in Heaven with Him. I will rest in that. There is my peace, no matter the storm thundering around me.


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