Of Trails and Heaven

Every time I see a trail or path, I have a great propensity to go down it. This is especially true of paths that wind out of sight. I really want to see what is around the bend, what adventure awaits or what new thing there is to discover. I like it to be a surprise. Some of the best discoveries of my life were when I followed an unknown path. However, there have also been those paths that I have forged down that ended in disaster, that were not worth the effort or time or anything at all. In fact, the devastation at the end of them made me wish I hadn’t been so curious or adventurous. That being said, there is one path we can set out on where we know the outcome and the beautiful destination at the end of it. We know the final chapters of the book. We know what Heaven looks like. We know it is worth the toilsome but joyous journey to it. We know who waits for us there. We know the beauty of that place. Revelation 21 and 22 tells us about it. Walls of Jasper. I am of humble origins and don’t know my stones and gems well, so I googled it. Jasper is gorgeous! Walls made out of Jasper must be insanely beautiful. Streets of solid pure gold, as clear as glass. Really? I am digging this stuff. Foundation stones of the city walls of gorgeous diverse jewels. It will be like a rainbow, all the colors there. Gates of one solid pearl. Amazing. Visualize this place. And here is the kicker. Jesus Christ is the Light for the whole city. He who saved us and made a way for us to be there is not just our Champion Redeemer but also our companion! There will be no darkness, no night, no corruption, no lying, no uncleanness, no sin, nothing but goodness and truth. I cannot wait until the end of this journey down this path. This path is worth taking.


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