Sunrise at Midnight

This is an excerpt from “Inspiring Thoughts for Mother” by Access Publishing in 2004. It follows:
“All the great and awful things in life seemed to pass before her… Storms, sin and suffering of every kind. She shrank back at first in terror, but she soon saw that the presence of God surrounded and enveloped her… And that if there were ever so thin a film of this glorious Presence between herself and the most terrible violence, not a hair of her head could be ruffled, nor anything touch her, except as the Presence divided to let it through.
Then all the small and annoying things of life passed before her, and equally she saw that there also she was so enveloped in this presence of God that not a cross look, nor a harsh word, nor petty trial of any kind could affect her, unless God’s encircling presence moved out of the way to let it.
Her difficulty vanished. She saw that her life came to her… hour by hour, directly from the hand of God… and never again found any difficulty in an abiding consent to His will and an unwavering trust in His care. ~ Hannah Whitall Smith”

There is an amazing and incomprehensible peace and security in knowing God is in charge, speaking with Him consistently in prayer and reading His truths in His Bible. There is more so in the knowledge that I have called upon the name of my Redeemer Jesus Christ to be saved. And as He is God, All Powerful and All Knowing and All Wise and Love, I have this assurance that He only allows into our presence that which grows or tests us or prepares us to help others. There is no greater feeling for an amazing night’s sleep than to know beyond all doubt that when this brief life is over, I will spend forever in a sinless world of Heaven with this amazing Redeemer who made me. I hope I see all of you there when the time comes. Praise God for His great provision and hope for our futures!!

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