Writing with Benefits

When I write, my thoughts go from abstract to concrete, most of the time. They make more organizational sense and cohesive sense. As such, writing brings perspective into the mix and expresses the thoughts in a way others can understand and learn from or relate to or completely disagree with. Writing gives validity and voice to the human being writing and brings to the reader a new perspective and peek into the soul of another human being. It is a conversation, promoting validity of existence. We know many writers because of their writings that have existed very long after their lives were spent. We see history, culture, fantasy, philosophy of another through their writing, even if unintentional. Writing also positions your mood and focus outward. It may be beneficial to the writer but also benefits the reader. Any exchange of ideas is to be promoted and this medium is fantastic for that. The beautiful and the ugly are exacted, the formidable foe is broken down, the hero wins and the bad guy looses, the evil are eviscerated, a scene is described, something happens. The reader may feel less alone and travel on amazing or even feeble adventures through the pages of a book. There is such intense power in the written word.

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