The God that I Love

The God that I love and praise is the One who created everything we know of. He is powerful, intelligent, detail-oriented, big picture oriented, artistic, loving, gentle, humorous, and on and on, all wrapped up into One Being. He is Spirit, so He can exist everywhere, aiding all things and people at once. This boggles the mind. He is holy and pure, sinless, unable to be tempted or screw up at all. He is perfect, doing everything in exactly the right time for exactly the right reasons every time. He is faithful to accomplish His goals, fulfill His prophecies and provide help when we humbly ask. He is jealous for our worship and attention in a way that doesn’t mean He sins or is ugly but in the pure form of the word, meaning He knows He made us and expects us to k now it too. It is a fact that we are made by Him. So when we give homage and props to someone or something else, it is rightly offensive to Him. God constantly provides for us, knowing is better than we know ourselves and loving us more, he provides for our material needs, physical needs, emotional needs and spiritual needs through redemption by His Son, Jesus Christ. God does not forget necessarily but of we humbly ask Him to forgive us through His Son’s sacrifice and resurrection for us, He chooses to forgive and forget. We are not strong enough to forget but He can. God is fair and just. People call it “karma” but it is really God rewarding good with good and bad with bad at some point when it will serve the most to try to save your soul. God is compassionate and wants us all to be saved and be with Him forever, even after this short first life is over. We serve an amazing God, an awesome God.


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