The Battle is Satan’s: God Has Already Won

The enemy has already been defeated. So, his battle can no longer be for victory but for the spoils, those of us God wants to be with Him for eternity. Satan is working so hard to defeat you and I and steal our salvation and life and peace and joy, were it possible. He works like an animal to devour as many as he can and he has quite a lot of help from the media and journalist puppets and power hungry leaders worldwide and countrywide. So, this seems like a bleak soapbox rant. However, I am a big picture person and this is the truthful big picture for those who need the reminder. What I wish to convey, though is this: God has already won the war. It is over as far as the big picture is concerned. Done. The plump lady, she has sung. We who are faithful to Jesus Christ to the end of our brief stint on this rock will be saved and have forever to ponder the excellent choice we made in remaining faithful to the Victor. We must know that every attack is just another pitiful or sometimes clever attempt to pull us from our glorious future with God. We must keep the focus. We must focus on the prize. We must win the race. And of course, whenever we ring the bell, humble ourselves, God Himself steps in and reminds the enemy that we are His and He backs down and awaits another opportunity. Be vigilant. Be humble. Pray. Read your Bible. Smile. We read the last chapter and we won. We are with the good Guys.


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