Little Treasures

I wrote a song called “God Drops Down Diamonds” a while back during a very difficult time. It was a dark dramatic young woman moment for me and God popped the idea into my head that He drops down little diamonds all the time, all day long to me and it was a matter of focusing on these radiant gifts and blessings rather than the darkness surrounding them. It got me out of a dark spot and turned my focus and heart on focusing properly in the correct perspective. I was very thankful for that revelation from God. And how we see the world, where our focus is, determines how our lives will go. How we look at life affects how life “treats” us. Two identical sets of circumstances, for instance a 75 degree day with partly cloudy skies, and one person will say how perfect the weather is today and one person will complain about those clouds. We choose what to focus on. We choose whether to be a happy person, appreciating the little blessings that are all around us, or be miserable for ourselves and for others. It may take some practice if the habit isn’t in place already, but practicing looking for blessings is a fun work and will properly and purely occupy your mind. It goes along with our Biblical mandate to think about things that are good and pure and praiseworthy and also to appreciate God and the beautiful life He gave us. 🙂

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