Trouble, It Comes

When things go better and are starting to look up, BAM!, slapped in the face with greater evils you had before. It never fails. It happens every stinking time. It becomes a struggle to survive, rather than flourish, you have to focus to get a job completed. And the offender, of course, appears to be living large, enjoying life in full. For every pain they poke into your heart, they seem to get $100. Or more. You do everything right. You pray every prayer for the offender, for ourselves, in praise and worship. You read every verse in the Bible on the subject. You read well meaning books that are supposed to help. You ask other people to pray for you and your situation. You do everything right. And BAM!, slammed down again. Why? Is God not caring about your particular hardships? Well, no, because we are promised in His Word that He hears our prayers and loves us and cares for every detail of our lives. So, if it is not Him out to get us, it must be the other guy, right? Yes, actually, we are told that our battles are not against flesh and blood (no matter how deeply it feels like it) but are against the enemy of God and his puppets. So, God blesses us and we are feeling peaceful and good and then KAPOW! another blow comes by the enemy of our good Lord. And the war is quite literally for our souls. We are in a tug of war, ladies and gentlemen, in a hardcore spiritual tug of war for our soul. The good Guy, of course, has already won the big war and the fate of all who persevere to the end is already sealed in a Good Book, bound for heaven. Of course, each person still is being fought over because the wounded and defeated enemy wants to take away as many as he can from God to take to hell with him. So, why would we be rewarded for persevering to the end if there was no difficulty or anything to persevere through? And we can get it. Each time we get a BAM! or a KAPOW! blow to the heart or head or body, we can remind ourselves that the bad guy is trying to get us again and we can resist and quote Scripture out loud and pass safely over his crippled body into the green pasture ahead. We must keep this proper perspective to survive and persevere to the end. Jesus is coming back again, folks, and it won’t be too long now. We know our eternity and forever is sealed in heaven with the good God who created everything good and perfect with love. We can be swayed by our emotions, but we can never be swayed by our knowledge of God and His plan He wrote for us in His Word, the Bible. We must go on knowledge. Knowledge is power. Love is power. Love is God. God has the knowledge. He, the Victor, is our Savior for salvation once and from attacks every stinking day now. The enemy may use your family, your church, your neighbors who belong to him or are willing puppets for him, so beware. We are never commanded to trust other people, but we are commanded strongly to trust God. He is trustworthy. He loves us. He loves you. If no one else in the world but Him (and me) love you, He does. He loves you distinctly and forever. Trust that knowledge.

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