Wisdom of the Bible (very paraphrased)


1. Focus on the light, not on the dark.

2. Focus on the Creator, not the created, unless you are going to improve it.

3. Know your eternal destination, the present environment is not it.

4. Be humble and consider and treat other people as more important than you are, even if they think so too.

5. We are responsible for our choices and behavior, not other people’s choices or behavior.

6. Laugh and express joy because of our eternal salvation, you will light up the room.

7. Jesus Christ is the only way we can be saved. Not one thing more, not one thing less.

8. Do not judge at all. That is not your job and will not change a thing except to make a heart harder.

9. God is in control of everything, despite what it looks or feels like. Let Him be in control. The sooner you let go of perceived control of other people/things, the sooner peace will come to you.

10. Loving is the thing. Work toward that. All other things are secondary to love.

11. Pray all the time, like a running dialogue. It helps focus you on the Creator and keeps you in remembrance that He sees you all the time and expects the best from you and loves you no matter what.

12. Feed the spirit the Word of God often and deeply. We are bombarded by evil all the time and must counter that influence with God’s Truth (the Bible). Garbage in, garbage out, Truth in, Truth out.

13. Do not neglect going to church or taking your kids there. The family of God is the most important family you have. We will need each other soon and indeed do need each other now.

14. Be above board, the best example and person you can be. Always work as if you were working for the Lord and not for man because you are. Everything you do is for Him, as the loving Creator.

15. Meditate on God in His creation, surrounded with untouched things He made and you will know Him better and love and appreciate Him more.


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