The Power and Choice for Good

God is good. He is the only One who is. So He has the most power. Why is goodness powerful? Because evil (the opposite of goodness) is so common and cowardly and goodness is brave and loving and kind and all the things of the Spirit. Goodness triumphs over badness in the long run  dry single time because God has triumphed over evil already through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who saved everyone’s soul who wants to join the good side, the winning side. When pleasure and temporary wealth or gratification is the evil enemy’s only lure I to a trap of eternal separation from goodness later, we who accept Christ as our Savior have the promise of eternity, forever and always with Him in goodness and freedom from evil. I will take those odds. This life is so short. People my age and younger die often, years go by so fast. And yet many choose to give up the long eternity of good love and peace and joy for moments of temporary pleasures. That is so very short sided. The devil distracts to keep us focused on the momentary thing so we do ‘t see the cliff headed for. Open eyes should always be a prayer of our hearts. Distractions should not be allowed to sway our sound reasoning. There is an eternity after this life is finished and what we do in this life dictates how it will be spent and day after day and year after year, and century after century and millenia after millenia, I would like all that forever time to be beautiful. Wouldn’t you? So, my thankful self will choose God’s goodness to lean on and wrap up in. Everyone has their own choice to make. And it is no longer a one time only choice, it is now a daily one. The enemy works overtime to bring us down to his level and distract us and destroy us. We must consistently counter that with daily renewal in prayer and God’s Word and good choices. In Him is life and I choose to live. What do you choose?

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