A Troubled Doubled Mind

For every great bite of steak there are fifty rotten apples. This is my new analogy for life. Our minds seem to be easily drawn to that persuasion as well. An easy mark we make for an enemy that knows full well how easily clouded our minds can become. It is this and that, we chase that forever game of tag for the next pot of gold around the next bend or the next better thing. Technology was promoted to save time but ends us losing souls. Far flung ideas that were the building blocks to American entrepreneurship now are rehashed ideas to make money and promote self and not art and ingenuity. Disturbing is this collective lack of personal responsibility or morality and our minds are jumbled with senseless and temporal things. Entertainment teaches children life philosophies where parents once taught. Schools test rather than teach. Bullies are denied punishment that would give them and their targets a chance in life. It is easy to see what is wrong around us. More difficult (because of ego) and entirely more simple is the solution. What America needs is a return to the Judeo-Christian mindset and philosophy that enabled her to exist in the first place. We need a leader who actually lives God as much as America who will lead and set the example of leadership and personal responsibility and truth. We need the 10 Commandments back on every school classroom wall. We need to pray as an American collective. We need to simplify and justify every penny spent and only spend precious pennies on American made products. We need to smile and laugh together and leave the tech alone at the dinner tables. We need board games and books and ideas shared. We need the clarity that comes with appreciating more and wanting less. We need to stop disposing of unborn babies. We need God on our side and military provided for. These are my thoughts.


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