The Power of a Little Girl aka The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Being little and humble and teachable is the, and let me try to extend the immensity of it in a tangible way, epitome of maximum power any human being can possibly possess. Those who feel power brews strongest in the superior of strength or mind or even perseverance and fortitude miss the point entirely. The hearty shall not inherit the kingdom of God. The perfect won’t, the most gorgeous or richest or strongest or most popular won’t. The meek will inherit the kingdom of God. Why? The meek have the ability to see truth for what it is and apply it. We are created and will never be stronger than the Creator. To draw upon the power of the Holy Spirit, we must first lay down any false power of our own. All we are, all we have and the best we were made to be is from God for we are His purposeful and loved created ones. It is impossible for us to move a mountain. It is possible for the mountain’s Maker to move that mountain. And when we humbly accept that, God can move that mountain through us, we can then be a vehicle for His purpose.

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