Superheroes and Superpowers

My kids love super heroes. So do I. And I truly believe we are born with God given superpowers. Some people’s super powers are obvious from birth. Others take, for some reason or other, lots of struggles and defeats and ultimately triumph(s) to realize and uncover. Some people call them “gifts” but how boring is that? They are “super” powers because they are from God, the ultimate Super Hero, and because they are not “normal” human abilities. My daughter’s superpowers are hugs and kisses, and recently she has added obedience (of which I am most thankful) and power, which is tough to visualize at 4 unless she has a fit. My son’s superpowers are more subtle, but he appears to have the superpowers of intuition and memory and a keen ability to ignore the messiness of his room (incredible, really). I discovered I have the superpower of strength, faith, endurance and music. Only having gone through immense distress and misery and many years of hardship did I realize my superpowers. Some were encouraged from birth (I am from a musical family) and some came later, even quite recently. What all this means is that each of us has a different superpower(s) to use to be heroes using them. God doesn’t want us to waste our powers but use them for Him and to help people. Heroes don’t like getting up at 2am to save the day, but sometimes they have to and do so because the call comes in. Heroes are aware of their surroundings and are eager to use their powers to help when they see a need. Like it or not, you are a superhero with great responsibilities to use your powers for good. And if you are knee deep in ugly life and haven’t realized your superpower(s) yet, do not worry. It will show up when you persevere and obey God and stay in communication with Him (prayer and Bible study). I am sure you have fabulous superpower(s). But beware, the bad guy already knows what yours is and is trying very hard to thwart you. But rest easy, super friend, we have a bigger Hero in charge who has already defeated that foe. Yes, we are on the good guys super hero team so we win! Yay! Go be the super hero God made you to be.

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