Life Purpose

I believe I am officially maturing because I see things differently. I see life as a series of challenges and maneuvers, pains and triumphs, all for a purpose, all on purpose, all to do something. What is that something? To worship and serve. Who? Ourselves? Nope. God. Why not ourselves? Because we are the created. When the created individuals attempt to serve themselves, they try to force something unnatural. We serve the Creator because He created us, if for no other reason. However, there are so many other reasons, all of them distinct and perfect aspects of His nature and character. We see evidence of this in His other creations- ourselves, nature, animals, birds, spectacular dramas of volcanoes, power of oceans, vastness of galaxies and His patience in dealing with us who wish to worship ourselves. So many reasons to do what we were meant and designed to do. So many reasons exist to worship God and not us. So many battles may be unnecessary when we relent our own passions in pursuit of the passions of God. What an epic and glorious journey!


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