I grew up bullying bullies. Of course that made me a bully too, but I felt it was my mission at the time to stand up for those who would not stand up for themselves. A bully can only bully someone as long as they choose to be bullied. All bullies are cowards. Some cowards are actually crazy and dangerous, but the majority will run like little girls the first time they are stood up against. They feed and energize off of fear and freedom. When given fear and freedom to continue, they do indeed continue bullying. When their fuel is taken away (freedom and fear), they cower like frightened animals. The reason they become bullies varies per case but should never ever excuse bad behavior. Bullying screams “Be afraid of me because I am more important than you are and will demand my way. Serve me. Fear me. I will hurt you if you don’t. I am important and you are trash.” The bullying actions require punishment and refusal to comply. We do not comply with terrorists. Let them run wild and fear them and we see what they turn into. The earlier you can nip the behavior in the bud, the better chance you have of developing the person’s character into something good. Yes, God says to turn the other cheek, but He also has given us a Spirit of power, love and sound mind. These things are not victim producers but kingdom builders, character pillars.


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