Amazing Dragonfly

My 4 year old daughter found a dead dragonfly in the pool a couple of days ago. She fearlessly picked it up by the tail in wonder and studied its amazing design and glistening wings. Others stared that she would not even shudder at picking up the insect. She said quite concretely that “Dragonflies don’t hurt us” and continued her study. It never hurts to remember that God made many fascinating creatures, some of which walk on 2 legs, that won’t hurt us to get close to. Others will but God gives us discretion. If you don’t have this or have suppressed it for too long, if you pray and ask God, He will give it to you. It is a gift for His children who ask for it. Many people are lonely and longing to be found amazing, and the truly beautiful part of the story is that each and every person and thing God made has some amazingness to it. We just need to be brave enough to study them and realize that. Find someone new amazing today. 🙂


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