Smiling Graces

A smile is free. A smile can make someone’s day. A smile is a gift that says, “You matter.” Smiling at someone when you are having a bad day can make your day turn in a different direction. It is a wonderful show of God’s love through us. A smile says, “Right now, no matter what is happening to me in my life, I choose to give you the grace of a smile because I have joy from God that you might need right now.” All that encompasses a smile. In stark contrast, not smiling at someone makes you just like every other self-absorbed and distracted person around us. Not smiling says, “I matter so much more than you and my emotions are bigger than my joy so I’m not sharing joy with you.” It is a simple truth. Smiling conveys attention and warmth and it is the better answer every time. You just might save a life by proving with a smile that someone in the world cares. Smiling is nice. Smile. 🙂

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