Anti-Pornography Rant: A Real Man Only Wants His Real Wife

A man who prefers intangible objects such as photo-shopped and plastic-filled naked women (and men- creepy) on a tech screen to satisfy his desires rather than his real tangible wife, willing and available in their bedroom, is extremely selfish and sinful. His mate is left unsatisfied while he self-gratifies to fantasies. This man does not understand and appreciate the amazing and real woman he already has and how much she loves him. He steals his spouse’s sole right to his sexuality and constantly stares at doctored and touched up fantasy women his wife can’t possibly live up to. It sets everyone up for failure. The wife who should be loved feels robbed and betrayed and like a failure and ugly and depressed. A godly man is willing to dispose of fantasy images that demoralize his wife and really all women and just be satisfied with his real tangible loving wife. Why is this so difficult? What is wrong with these perverted men and perverted society? Have they swallowed the lie that temporary gratification is more important than long term relationship? Are their temporary fixes more valid than their life long commitment to fidelity with their spouse? Why is this difficult? Why on earth are so many people okay with this, even in the church? Why is there silence when so many women suffer? I have a lot of wounded, ungratified, despondent women friends dealing with this atrocity. People say it is fine. I assure you it is not. They say it is no big deal. I assure you it is. (If it were not a big deal, it would not be a big deal to stop either.) It is heinous and narcissistic to the nth degree. Morons throw away the sacred and precious diamond they possess for the tease of tarnished silver. Narcissists care more for their selfish whims than the spouse they should love. Man up. A real man wants only his real wife. We all make mistakes and we all sin, but you choose whether to live there or not. Imagine Christ returning suddenly and you are knee deep in porn. Do you think you would like the outcome of that? Do you think He would say, “Well done, you gratified yourself at your wife’s expense again quite nicely”? You do realize He sees everything you do, right? Of course there are many sins to take your pick of, but this one has struck a nerve lately. Satan uses this one particular sin to destroy families and devastate trust and break covenants and so it is very dangerous, though supported by our evil society. So, I guess the question is if fire is all around you except for the one narrow path you are on, will you jump into the fire with all the other idiots and be burned or try your best to stay on that safe path? This is the choice that must be made. That is truth. Truth is what God says, not what society promotes.

4 thoughts on “Anti-Pornography Rant: A Real Man Only Wants His Real Wife

  1. Personally I’m not religious, but I understand what you’re saying. I’m young and the thought of marriage for me is far away… But I do feel like your rant is misdirected. I feel it is the misogyny and objectification of women by the media in advertisement and TV to get lustful men and aspiring women to buy their products in a capitalist society. Yes your rant is about porn, but throughout our lives, and from my youth, i can tell you, throughout my entire life it is these photoshopped pictures that cover absolutely everything I see, in a society where the image of a women has been warped so vastly, it comes as no surprise that men watch porn to such a degree. I’d also like to add, that although I have no experience of marriage, bar that of my parents and what I have witnessed, the choice of porn over real sex seems just to be a choice of variety over the norm. But hey, what do I know… Also do you really feel it is a religious matter?


    1. I see it as a matter of morality and heart and co science. I hate the term religious because it has a negative connotation. I have a relationship with God, as I pray to Him and read His Word and believe its truth. As such, the decision to view sex outside the bounds of marriage, with another person or people other than my spouse is co side red a form of thievery at best and adultery at worst. When viewing others having sex for fun or pleasure outside of the marital union rather than as a a beautiful act of marriage, it cheapens it and makes it dirty. That is my view. I do not believe I am perfect or right all the time, but many years of experience brought me to that decision personally.


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