Living on Purpose

We make a lot of choices in this life. We choose to bathe or not. We choose to be productive citizens or not. We choose to be responsible for our actions or not. We choose to be a good parent or not. We choose to be faithful or not. We choose to show love or not. A myriad of choices we make every day and often many times during the day. Often our choices seem to just happen without much thought. And that, my friend, is very dangerous. Every few minutes we are bombarded with opinions and distractions and coercions. Evey marketing ploy is a fresh and effective way to. Manipulate people into believing something. And if we are not thinking purposefully and purposefully making choices, the automatic ones may very well be horrible for you long term. Automatic man decisions can be based on something as temporary and downright idiotic as list with no thought to consequences. Automatic man may make decisions based on the get-more-for-me selfishness disease without determining whether that is affordable or beneficial. When we do not live and choose purposefully, we tend to live and choose foolishly. So purposeful contemplation are required. And those need to line up with truth of God’s Word in order to be perfect. Living on purpose without having a moral code built on truth ends up looking a lot like living without purpose really. It is quite important to temper thoughts with truth so the purposeful life may be meaningful and most beneficial. Something to think about.

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