Detoxing the Mind

In an obviously toxic world, we who follow the way of Love must take time out to detox our minds. The best detox of course is not letting stuff in there in the first place. But as our Godless culture and leaders make that very difficult if next to impossible (unless you move to Alaskan bush country), we have a few tools at our disposal. The first tool is the most important. It is prayer. Putting ourselves purposefully before the Creator of the universe has a way of purifying our minds. It is excellent therapy and relationship with that which our soul longs for most. Second tool is silence. While this one is more challenging, especially with young ones bouncing off walls and screaming like red shouldered hawks and a myriad of chores and duties and work, etc. The thing is, silence is attainable if you want it bad enough. We absolutely need silence to process and determine what to keep and what to dispose of in our thoughts. How can we sort through and test these thoughts that pop into our brains if we can’t hear ourselves think. Even if we take a fifteen minute break in our rooms with locked door and sit in a chair or lay on our beds and just sort out and process what came into our view or thoughts today. This is I valuable because it introduces us to our God given right and power and duty to think and take control of our own minds so we can speak honestly with God and give Him the garbage to dispose of and share the treasures and thank Him for the blessings. Time alone in silence is an immeasurably valuable resource. Third tool we have going for us is exercise. Whether it is circuit training or cardio or playing tennis, whatever, when we work on exercising the body, it also gives the mind clarity. What we do with our bodies affects our minds. And exercise gives energy which reduces fatigue which can distort the mind. So it is a cycle. The fourth and last tool I mention right now is seeing things through your child’s eyes. Listening to their innocent vantage point and pure view of life brings clarity and laughter, which purifies, and gives you a much better example of how to view the world.


Amazing God

We sing of His amazing grace but further in beyond what He does for us is just this amazing God who would create the intricacies and delicacies of us and nature. In Him is the laughter and joy that would invent laughter for us and dodo birds. In Him is the majesty and wonder he carved into the Grand Canyon and high peaks of the Rockies. In Him is the still small voice that fully realizes His power and is strong enough to control it and certain enough to never need to raise His voice. In God do we first see in practice the fruits of His Spirit, who He is, how perfectly His love manifests itself, how amazingly He writes upon our soul what He knows to be perfect. The Timeless One who always knows the perfect timing and order of everything and can still work within the Lara enters of our timelines when we pray. He is with and without time and place. He is in and above every crevasse, every dark place we may think we are alone and away. His intense love radiates outward with every thought and action and purpose. God is innately beautiful. His power is innately terrifying, and those who say they would not fear God have never been face to face with Him. He chooses to love but you cannot disrespect His power that would make you shudder in the presence of such a perfect and powerful one that you I still feel unworthy to be there and grateful for the honor all at once. In God we must trust. In Him is the only security in the world and on His side, there is no more fear or losing or death or end. He leads you closer to His level of perfection and goodness with each step you take on His path. He guides and protects and nothing happens anywhere without His approval except human kind’s free will. He wants to be with who He made. He wants to be proud of His work and feel blessed to have us choose Him, our Maker. He is amazing. I love Him.

Oh The Many Mistakes I Can Make in A Day

If I were Dr. Seuss, I would write a book for grown ups entitled, “Oh The Many Mistakes I Can Make in A Day”. It would go something like this…

Oh the many mistakes I can make in a day
Carpet is dirty, house in disarray,
The water is boiling away on the stove
For I’ve only two arms to have and to hold.
The children have vanished and monkeys remain
And I am starting to hate someone calling my name.
One more bill auto paid, making me twitch
The neighbor comes over and is such a … Nice cat lady.
So, what can I do making mistakes right and left?
Throw in the towel on the pile with the rest?
Or maybe just take a badzoodler break
And wrap up my crazy with wafflaburg eggs?
Or perhaps there is something, a little to do
That won’t leave me playing a loony kazoo.
Perhaps my forefathers, who had it quite rough
Knew what they were doing with this praying stuff.
What’s the worst that could happen? Maybe you can say?
Well, I’ll take my chances and bow down and pray.

Just something I was thinking about tonight. Have a fabulous day, mistakes and all. Mistakes up to now in part, in mutual part with your successes, made you the uniquely strong person you are today, and so I am thankful for mine and yours too. We’re all in this together. 🙂

Being Nice and Its Repercussions

Being reared in rural Michigan about 30-40 years ago, there was great emphasis placed on being nice. In fact, there was such a push for it that there were actually negative consequences when you were not nice, some making it difficult to sit down for a while. And it was explained in one way or another by a seeming multitude of people (parents, teachers, neighbors, random town folk, church folk, etc.) what being nice consisted of. And since I have noticed a myriad of people around about me and my children lately seeming as if they have not had similar lessons, I wish to share my “nice” knowledge with the masses. Perhaps some of my recent register workers or stock folk at some stores I have been in of late (and even managers, yikes) may read this and start applying its suggestions. Now, warning ahead of time, you may not ever get a reward for being nice. In fact, you may have severe repercussions such as surprise or funny looks or suspicion placed upon you. However, there may perhaps be some vague rewards like, oh I don’t know, a promotion or maybe a smile or gratefulness. The possibilities are endless. Here are some good starting points. 1. It is nice to look a person in the eyes who is speaking with you. This shows the person you actually care what words are coming out of their mouth and maybe even that you give at least some inkling of a care about your job. It also conveys something rare and mysterious as well as quite fragile… respect for another human being. Since we are all made in the image of God on purpose, we are all due this respect but be one of the first to actually convey that and you will come across as “nice”. This is a good thing, believe it or not. 2. It is nice to help someone who needs help. I know this is a little shocking, especially if in a hurry to do something for yourself, but no one is asking you to give up your heart while you are still in need of it, just a helping hand now and again picking something up, holding a door, bringing to attention when someone drops their keys, etc. These things are nice. You would want to be helped if you needed it, right? This particular step on the ladder to niceness may actually be met with thankfulness. Maybe not, I mean not everyone is nice, remember? Which brings us to 3. If someone nice helps you in any way, do say ” thank you” with a smile. Why? Because it is nice to do so. It is so much nicer than sticking up your nose as if the entire world should bow before you and your greatness. So smile and say “thank you” to anyone nice enough to help you with anything. Respect the rarity of that. Respect the nice help. Be nice back. We will leave it at these three practices as a good start. Follow these simple guidelines and you will find, oh shopper at Walmart, that being nice is very… well, nice.

The Correct Way to Eat Pizza

The correct way to eat pizza is the way both my children ate it until they were about 3 and then they gave in to convention and started eating it the way we know of. The correct way is to flip it over so the cheese is on the bottom. Provided all the toppings don’t fall off, this is the best way because your taste buds are on your tongue and the cheese right on your tongue and not separated by some comparatively lackluster bread is unencumbered. So you get the full glorious sensation of all the flavors in your mouth at maximum potential. Of course when I would ask them, the said “Gooder” or some such philosophical explanation of a 2 or 3 year old. So there you have it. No amazing insights into life, no deep thoughts, just the best way to eat a piece of pizza. 🙂

The Devil is in the Details

I am not by nature organized or detail-oriented. I am a big picture person. This means that I miss a lot. I get the overall view and fully realize it and love it dearly. The details I can overlook so naturally and so easily that I appear flaky or sometimes pretty dumb. However, I must say that I am not bogged down by details. Details are either the death of me (because I miss so much and exasperate my detail-oriented husband) or the life of me (in that the details don’t stress me out or keep me standing in one place). Either way, it is what it is and God made me to be a visionary, big picture person. I have to accept this as okay, for good or bad. Those who would love me would need to do the same. I accept the detail friends and family of mine. True, we see things quite differently and certainly often oppositely. I still love them and hope they return the sentiment. Often seeming to come from opposite planets, we need each other to make it. Detailers need our big picture to not get lost in the trees and big picturers need detailers to keep them grounded. It is how we are cut. God knows what He is doing and together we can accomplish amazing things!!

Little Lost Duck

Ducks are prone to distraction. Trying to herd them is like herding cats only more so. Trying to save a duck by getting it to leave its polluted water and walk along a straight path on land to a new clean pond is like pushing a rope. Often the duck would just die there for lack of cooperation amidst such intense distractions as other ducks, fish, alligators, snakes, other birds, hunters, babies, eggs, insects, sunshine, rain, shade, etc. Ducks can be trained and taught but only if they want to, they trust you or you bribe them with yummy bribes. People are like ducks. Constantly bobbing up and down, swimming in circles, going around and around in muck and more or polluted water, too distracted or dumbed down to realize the danger and not see the urgency of getting to clean water u til it may be too late. But, such a beautiful word “but”, the duck or the person can change to clean water and make that journey before the end comes. It can happen. However, help has to come from a trusted source, and the duck has to get away from the distractions long enough to realize the threat and decide and want to get to clean water.