The Life of Yeshua, Jesus Christ in Movies

We watched Killing Jesus tonight. We own Passion of the Christ. I watched the Book of John. Growing up in the church, I have seen many movies over the years on the story of my Savior, my Messiah and yours if He isn’t already and you allow Him to be. Killing Jesus was very well done, great production, great acting and one of the best at showing the humanity of those involved. I wish it would have shown Yeshua after He had risen because many saw Him and that is really the most important part. Nonetheless, well done. Very condensed and human or character focused interpretation. Very worth seeing for a different perspective. I loved the Passion of the Christ as it captures, well, Jesus Christ’s passion. I love the Book of John because (I am not sure if this should say this but…) John is my favorite Gospel version of the mission of Yeshua. Now, as in every movie ever that is produced from a book, especially a true story, nothing is ever as good as the book. No movie anywhere is as thorough or true or correct or pure or as descriptive as the Bible in telling the story of Yeshua, Jesus Christ. Nothing will or could ever be perfect. Some, like the one on History channel, are down right detrimental. So, be careful, little eyes, what you see. If you are interested in the life of our Messiah who affected and changed the world for the better, please read the Bible. I would suggest Mark or Luke to start with for the story but each of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have a different perspective on the life of my Savior. Movies are great but not everything. That is always true. The book is the thing. Written Word in your hand is unmatched in greatness and comfort and detail. The Truth was written and will always be Truth for us. It is the best way for us to get the full true story.

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