Freedom in Trust

The most freedom I have ever experienced in life is when I have trusted God with every aspect of my life. When I let go of trying to fix or control or have everything and just say, “Take it, God. You know how best to fix this. You are in control. You are big enough to handle this. I am just a little girl”, that is when freedom moves in and takes residence. Relationship difficulties? Give it up. Huge decisions on your plate? Just let go. Why do we always try to be superhumans? Why is our cape always dirty because we try to take off flying and end up dragged in the mud? Why keep fighting gravity? Because that is where the enemy is trying to keep us. Spiritual enemies, the enemy of pride, of self-importance. We are important, but we are humans. Why not just be content doing the best we can and letting the Professional of every aspect of life handle it? It works for me. Sometimes I still fight the surrender, but I just remind myself, “Give it up.” And when I truly do and work on my part of it and do what I can, giving God the rest, He always takes it and exchanges it for peace and joy and sometimes a great surprise I didn’t even imagine. There is immense freedom in trusting God and letting go.

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