Editing the Body

I am from a largish family. I don’t mean quantity, really. We are all with biggish tendencies, adipose blessed, I prefer to call it. I am a short person, so although the numbers on the scale seem just about right for someone my age, that is only really true were about 5-6 inches taller. And to top it off, I have given birth to two children and am now in peri-menopause. All that being said, I have to edit my body from time to time as I edit my books or songs in order to be sure I am presenting them in the best light. I am afraid that I have had the light off too long and thus am once again in edit mode. So, editing my body consists of my continued brisk morning half hour walk. And to add fuel to the fodder, I am doing an intestinal cleanse for 7 days. It is the old fashioned kind with raw fruits and veggies, etc. And of course truck loads of water. So, here we go in edit mode. I must be a good steward of the body God designed for me as well as the other blessings placed in my care. Why? Because it is nice. And because I want to be an appreciative soul and not a whiner. The world has way too many of those right now. Also, if I were to take great care in making something for someone, I would be so sad if they just trampled it under foot. I certainly don’t want to be a cause of sadness to God who made me that way. Even if I think He may have been a little too generous with my adipose blessing, I will smile and do the work of editing to present everything He gave me as a reflection of my respect for His work. Then when we are all in heaven, I will just smile proudly that the troublesome adipose layer is discarded for good in favor of blissful freedom of the soul. 🙂

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