This Life Fella

Life seems to give and take away. Life crushes you one minute and restores you the next. Life throws you around like a ragdoll and then elevates you to princess status. So who is this life fella? Why does he do what he does? I do not know the specifics but I know that we can manage our responses to life and thus work on the outcome of the manipulative life fella and his dice game of our lives. The little that I know is this. There are two people and their respective armies in a war and we are all being fought over. There is a good guy and a bad guy in this scenario. The good guy wants to save the people and the bad guy wants to kill and destroy them because he will never be strong enough to be the good guy. So, the bad guy lies and cheats and steals and manipulates the people they fight over with his armies because he is pouting and prideful. The good guy promotes and protects and loves his people and answers everything they ask respectfully. The kicker is that all of this is invisible to our human eyes and ears because it exists in a spiritual dimension of reality humans miss. And this is the gist of the reality of our existence. The result of this spiritual controversy/war is the this fella “life” is the physical manifestation of the spiritual battle. There is right and wrong that happens but ultimately, the good guy wins and the bad guy loses, but he won’t give up until he is thrown into a bottomless pit. The good guy is God our Creator and His Son who saves us. The bad guy is a fallen angel Satan whose sin of pride has become his most powerful tool against us. And life is how it all plays out. Now, what we can do with this life fella is read the winner good Guy’s writings (the Bible) and get from that instruction manual aka love letter aka moral story book aka history book exactly how to weather every storm. And we can talk to that good Guy any time humbly and respectfully and get help. Also, we can live accept the good Guy’s gifts of salvation and the Holy Spirit to help see us out of life eventually into that spirit realm and rewards of heaven and peace and joy, etc. And, we can take care of our human bodies to strengthen our minds and emotions to help with the other stuff.  So, we may be tossed about a bit, up and down, but there is some things we can do to steady ourselves and be the better for it.

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