The Secret to Life

People always want to know a secret. Me too. You delve into new information head on and hope for some new revelation or new way of looking at things that hasn’t happened before. Well, I do anyway. After a bit of searching and then a bit more and more, it appears that the great truths have been taught. There is nothing new under the sun. Except you. You (unless you believe in reincarnation AND it actually does happen) have never been here before. You have never thought of those things before. I think that is why every person God creates is so special to Him and loved. Because when I watch my kids learn new concepts and think of things themselves, I don’t think “Oh goody, just another person finding out the obvious”. Oh no, I think look at their viewpoint and the fantastic way they arrived at that conclusion. I love how he/she thinks! It is wholesome and exciting to see life through new and unique eyes. We are that new unique person in the world. There may be people who have looked similar to you or even did a lot alike but there has never been someone just like you. You are unique and special. That is reason to praise the Creator, not just appreciate the creation. We thrive on newness and I think we come by that honestly. Some truths are constant but some reasoning to conclude with those truths is simply stunning and beautiful. So you are the secret new truth. Embrace your calling and so bless the Creator with your secret of life.

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