Why We Can’t Be Good But Should Try

I tell you, the more I live life and study it, the more I am convinced that people are human. There is certainly an ethereal beauty to our persons, a sort of exquisite essence about each of us, each unique but each and every one quite adept at having our pride rise within us at the least imposition and comment. We each have the most beautiful of potential and courage but are severely human in form. We may have spirits that soar at times, but your body has sincere limitations. We may have epic generosity but are limited with what we have to give away. My conclusion is that we are not of “good” character and can not be while in our human form. Severe statement? Let’s explore it. God is good. “Good” is His character, His makeup. “Good” is consistency of character (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control) and generosity of help despite any environmental occurrences. “Good” is helping and treating someone well no matter what. It is consistency of treatment of other people. We are told that by Jesus Himself in the Bible. He even said that He was not good, and I am thinking I may understand now why. In bodily form, we are so rely limited. We can not do everything we want to. God can because He is not limited by anything. In human form also, we sin and usually the culprit is pride. Goodness is being loving despite the person on the other end of it deserving it. So, when we are wronged or harmed in any way, our pride rears up its ugly head and we respond somehow. Even the greatest of said ts had moments of severe conflict. No one but God is able to control themselves enough to be unmoved entirely by outside forces of evil directed against us. Goodness is also providing wherever there is a need and where God owns everything because He made it, we only own what He entrusts to our care. We can ask Him for more, but we may or may not be deemed worthy of more trust. So, we cannot provide what everyone in our path needs. Indeed, it often feels like we need a little more to make it. We also as humans have a hormonal and thus emotional element that limits our goodness at times. Someone reacting to hormones plus life situations rarely convey goodness as the first response. It may or may not happen down the line. So, understanding we can never truly be good, though we can have moments of goodness or even greatness of character,  we must wonder why try to be good. (And here I must say that we can be very good when we allow the Holy Spirit to run our lives and bodies in humble contrition all the time. This fruit of the Spirit will get stronger within us as we practice but perfection will never occur in human form.) When we try to be good, treat people undiscriminately and well within the best of our ability, we do much more good than harm. Just because you are not perfect at something doesn’t mean you should give up. When you were a baby, you couldn’t walk but with growth and practice and help, you got better and better at it. And goodness is not what saves us. Now this is important. If goodness were what is needed to be saved and head to heaven someday to be with our Creator, it would be impossible for us because of the above humanity arguments. No, Jesus Christ needed to and did come down to pay the sacrifice for our sins so we would be saved. Trying to be good is not to earn salvation. Salvation only comes through accepting Jesus as our Savior. We try to be good to present our witness to the world that we are saved and thankful to be. We do our best because we have been beautifully saved and loved and we want to share that with others. We are filled with love so we try to show love. And God expects it s to do our best with what we have. If we do that, He is pleased and that is our goal.

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