For Love

We do things for love we would never do for any other reason. I don’t mean stalking or applying tattoos to our poor skin or anything. 🙂 I mean that love in its pure form empowers us to see beyond the ugly duties face with to the soul of the person we are doing it for. Love sees with different eyes. For love, we can tolerate many discomforts. For love, we can support the unsupported and care for the uncared for. For love, we can sing the right song at the right time and for love, we can sit quietly and hold the needy soul. For love, we hope and we commit. We all need love and we all need to be loved. There are so many people needing love that you need only find one that needs what you have to offer and a soul connection is made. God fills you with His love and it pour out onto others in a deeply beautiful way. Our soul does not rest easy without the giving and getting of love. Guard it well. When you experience such an exchange, value it and treasure and remember that perfect moment. And with God’s blessing, you will have many such treasures stored in your mind in the years ahead of you. And smiles will prevail over scowls and contentment will follow your steps.

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