Seventy Times Seven

Forgiveness is an amazing thing. To forgive when it is not asked does several things for you. It breaks down a wall between you and the other person. It breaks down a wall between you and God because unforgiveness is disobedience. It demonstrates God’s generosity to the world, especially the forgiven one. It frees you from having the stress of hanging on to the crime and continued sin of unforgiveness. And lastly, it heaps burning coals onto the person’s head who wronged you because God can intervene and repay or punish them for their sin. You see, when you forgive, you are being generous of spirit as Jesus taught and are obeying as He said to forgive up to 490 times. The idea is the truth that we are forgiven of all our sins when we ask God’s forgiveness. So, we must return that gift of forgiveness to those who need forgiveness of us. We are not above them. We are not better than them. We are saved/forgiven by God’s amazing grace. So when someone needs forgiveness, even when not even sorry or requesting it, we would be ignorant and short sighted to ignore such a high calling. Those who are forgiven should forgive. So, we must forgive. We must continue to do this. We answer to a higher power and look forward to a future heaven. We will someday live in heaven, where no one offends or sins against us or God, where peace is our normal and love is our captain. We must call out the best in us in looking forward to beyond our vision to our future, which may be close or may be far. God has given us the power of the Holy Spirit in us to help strengthen us for the task of forgiveness, and we must forgive with His help.

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