Putting Life Into Life

Life is meant to be lived. Life is not slow succession of work to home to food to couch to bed to work and on and on the stagnate drama unfolds. I can not imagine a less illustrious scenario or less appealing or more appalling existence. Where is the life? Where is the meaning? No wonder people need more and more entertainment or to be in everyone’s business about news or stories played out hundreds of miles away in lives none of us lead that we wouldn’t care two shades about except for boxes of internet and high definition we feel we can not live without. And we wonder how the country and citizenry is dumped into extreme leftist ideals by extreme leftist ideas played out in most entertainment forms we embrace. Evolution is rampant throughout all of it. More and more skin is shown off on poor women who barely eat and need to show skin to be noticed? Everyone seems okay to sleep around with whomever you like and we are content sneaking into everyone’s open bedrooms. And we are okay with a meaningless existence as long as we are corrupted regularly with entertainment meant to sway thinking. So, I for one am tired of it. I wish more were. So, at our house, we go to grandma and grandpa’s house and walk their dog because they can’t right now. We clean their house. If their senior neighbors need help carrying groceries in, we help them. If someone needs to talk, we talk to them. If games need to be played, by golly we play them. At home, we clean together, play games, learn about all subjects you can think of, speak about travel and plan for it, play in an oldies rock and roll band for the benefit of seniors to reminisce and get a little money for us. We play in the worship band at church, we hike, we exercise, we craft, we do devotions and pray together, we play in parks and my kids include kids others left out. This is life. We live. Full and free, we live life. Why work so hard at it? Because I believe in being a good steward of what God gave us. I believe we were created for a reason. I believe we will all be accountable for what we did with what we were given. I believe I know enough about God to want desperately to be on His good side. I want to make a difference. I want my kids to. I want to live. Life is so much more than what most people do. Life is so joyful when we live life on purpose, making the most of every opportunity. And energy always rises to the level of interest. Find something to do with your talents that interests you. Then do it. Where there is a will, there is a way. And where our skills and wills meet, magic happens!

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