The Grand Canyon

God wanted us to see His power and magnificence, so He made the Grand Canyon. I was there three times and I have hiked the canyon twice now. Once was half way down with my cousin, who it turns out was afraid of heights. 🙂 The second time was all the way down and through the canyon some and then all the way back up in one day. I would not recommend that. The going down part is easy, but the other part was rough, and I was in great shape at the time. One thing I love about this amazing place is that every time you are there, different times of the year, different times of the day, it is always fantastic and beautiful and always different. Shadow, texture, color, they are all there in multiples on multiples. The feeling of insignificance when standing at the top of this beyond-enormous chasm is hard to describe. You feel exactly how tiny you are in the scope of things and how huge God is for being big enough to make this massive thing. It gives scope to problems we may be facing and how huge God is to handle any tiny thing we war at. There is also a little campground outside the park where you can save a lot of money and have a better feel for the land. It is incredible! I highly recommend going there. I know I am with the family some day.

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