When to Slap versus Turn the Other Cheek

As followers of Christ, we turn the other cheek. However, there is a season for standing your ground. There is a time to be silent and a time to speak. Herein lies one of my life’s greatest quandaries. Born from a Marine/Farmer, you stand against blows and when hit, strike back hard enough for them to never do it again. And in America, I firmly believe we should hold that standard for our country and its armies against our national enemies and terrorists. Yes, at that time, striking back is necessary. The other time it is necessary, I have determined personally, is with bullies. A bully will continue pushing against your freedom in favor of his own indefinitely until you stand up against him. Then, like all cowardice bullies, he will run and not bother you again. You also must fight against eminent danger and threats. Someone has a knife to you, you do everything you can to fight or get away or hurt him in any way you can. That is innate so must not be wrong. Now, for social issues, where pride is wounded or hurt and that is all, I believe we are to turn the other cheek. You don’t add fuel to their slander. You don’t dignify their personal attack with a response. Pride is our enemy. When our pride becomes more important to us than the potential witness we could be to that broken person, we are sinning in response to their sin. Don’t fight back,in this instance. Love. Know how lost they are and feel sorry for them. Remember that our fights are not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual enemy and his minions. We fight these evil beings  by reading our Bibles and praying and worshiping God, our protector and defender. That is what I have determined. We must follow our convictions and these are mine.

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