American Soldiers

All of our armed forces deserve our respect. Here is why. Is it because they are highly trained with weaponry and hand to hand combat? No. I am too. Is it because they work hard and long hours for little money? No, many people do that. Is it because they sacrifice their lives for our freedom? Yes. Yes it is. The American soldier embodies the spirit of American liberty and independence. They are incredibly resilient, absolutely honorable, completely self-disciplined and ready at the drop of a hat to patriotically lay down their lives for their brothers, sisters, wives, Americans. This is the most honorable display of in your face, put your money where your mouth is love I know of. Jesus Christ was this type of soldier for all of mankind. He died so we can live, all of us. The American soldier is willing to do this for Americans. We must give them the honor and respect they deserve for this calling. Thank God for them! Thank you so much, American soldiers! We love you.

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