Birthday Thoughts

So, tomorrow is my 41st birthday, making me an awkward but beautiful 41 years, nine months old. And to celebrate my birthday, my family will make a cake and eat it too, and of course as my birthday is a national holiday, we will be taking off school. I am proud to be an Aquarian, and now you know why I am sweet and weird and naive and extremely competent. But all that aside, it is difficult for me, being a person who loves God and cares deeply about His created people, my happy birthday celebration is shadowed by the many children per day that are being robbed of the opportunity to set foot on our soil and make a difference for it. Abortion robs the mother of her child or a loving couple of the ability to love that child, it robs the child of life, it creates an environment that angers God (very unwise) and stains the soil with innocent blood. Most often this is due to inconvenience and insane ignorance. All sins are forgivable, even murder, but no sin will be forgiven if unasked and prideful. And someone forgiven of one sin doesn’t go on to commit the same sin again unless their heart is wrong. Many other sins exist and I do my best to extinguish my own, but this sin is being executed upon the voiceless, the innocent, those who cannot speak for themselves. It is deplorable. So, as a birthday present to myself, I am crying out for those killed on my birthday and saying a special prayer for a day of no abortions, a day where no innocent baby’s life is destroyed too soon, a day of mercy for the unborn children. Please pray with me for this. I long for it. There are so many excellent alternatives to murder. There are beautiful alternatives, ones where everyone benefits. Let us pray together for one mercy day. Maybe it would catch on? 

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