Simpler is Always Better

I am complex because I am a woman. We can do a dozen things at a time and we rarely do nothing, even when it looks that way our minds are revving. However, all that said, in my old age I am realizing and appreciating that simpler is always better. When we choose simple in our days, our days have room for amazing things like conversations over coffee, digesting instead of inhaling meals, rocking on the porch swing while bird watching, hiking or walking, discovering back yard play things, playing board games, climbing trees, having more conversations, fresh air, more time for prayer and study, crafts, sleeping, etc. Oh the possibilities are endless! IF, that is, we choose simple things. Things are simple when they don’t require a tether to an outlet or internet connection. Things are simple when you don’t have to drive a car to get to it. Things are simple when they are quiet and calm. Even loud can be simple if they meet the other criteria. However much you do in a day, even if you have to be busy, you can choose to simplify your thought patterns by purposefully discarding negative or unnecessary thought patterns that arise in your cranium. If you keep the thoughts pertinent to the task at hand, helping you be present in the moment and participate in that moment, you have a success of simplicity that will feel so good that you will want more of that peace. And when you do this, you can feel the peace from God that our business doesn’t always let us feel. And you can worship better, more focused because of. Ring able to spend time sharing your appreciation of God and what He made with Him.

Differing Perspectives And Peace

We all have different experiences going through life. Many people may have many similarities and yet something will be different about their upbringing. Some people have horrible things they travel through on their life’s journey while some people appear to never run into an ounce of hardship. All of these things make us who we are. I would rather have gone through all that I have gone through and realize who I am now on this journey rather than never have faced pain and still be uncertain if I can. Nonetheless, our experiences make our brains unique and heart unique and thus our perspective of everything is quite different than anyone else’s. There is no “normal”. There is a social stability factor that tells people if you fit into society’s mold or not but every society’s mold is quite different, so that changes also. Coming from such diverse thought patterns and perspectives, it is a wonder we don’t fight more. Oh, that’s right- we do. The thing is it will never get better until we appreciate another person’s journey as different than our own. They may look at an elephant and see it as being gray. You may see it as more of a blue. Instead of fighting over which one is right, why not both appreciate the fact that you are both seeing an elephant, which is a very cool common experience. See the point? The common bonds and creates peace. The differences and pride to be right tears and promotes harm. To create peace, it goes back to respect for the other person and pouring effort into discovering commonalities, like our mutual Creator, for instance, and focusing on that as opposed to forcing your “correct” perspective while focusing on differences. We all have very different perspectives, it is true, but we can still have peace by focusing on what we have in common.

Loving People

I believe you have to be a studier of people before you can begin to know and understand what on the planet you can do to meaningfully love them. I also believe you have to be a studier and child of God before you can love them after you have studied them. Think about that for a minute. It is very deep… Let it sink in. 🙂 The more you study and understand a person you are trying to love, the more you see the walls they have built up to protect and hide themselves from differing levels of mistrust and fear and doubt, trying to cover and excuse sins, walls riddled with varying degrees of lies centered around some core ugly lie they believe about themselves. Even “normal” (whatever that is) people have these to some degree. Even Christians have varying spiritual maturity levels so different degrees of walls they still have not yielded. It seems like a lot of work to love someone, so I believe that is why we don’t see more of it. I am not speaking of love you get something back from, like lust or service or promotion/elevation. If it serves your purpose, it is not truly love, it is payment, isn’t it? No, the love I am speaking of is love in service to God for the sake of so done He created and loves. So loving them shows your devotion and worship to God as a thanks and worship for all He is and has done for us. It produces nothing, expects nothing but costs something. This type of love is truly rare these days and this rarity is probably the reason for falling away from the church and sharp moral decline of late. It is imperative that we followers of the way of Love truly embrace the notion of loving who God puts purposely in our path. And we do this by the following: 1. Keep in close contact with God through Bible reading, meditation and prayer. We must keep our focus and this world bordering on insanity will steal your concentration and focus in a heartbeat if we are not vigilant. 2. Study those we determine to show love to, not in a creepy stalking way, you understand, but by conversations and observations. 3. Be an example of Jesus Christ all the time to the best of your ability. People will not listen to love from one unworthy of the word. 4. Find a need and fill it. If someone needs service, serve them. If they need their bags carried, carry them. If they need their house cleaned, clean it. If they need a spare tire put on, put it on. If someone needs a hug, hug them appropriately. If someone needs encouragement, encourage them. If they need a listening ear, listen and refrain from “helping” or putting your two cents in unless asked. If someone needs a gift, give it. All that we have, all of our abilities come from our mutual Creator. We are all designed in Heaven before we ever arrive in the womb. We are all here on purpose for God and each other. If we act on this belief, we can change the world, one loving act at a time.

Stay to Dance

“Sometimes you have to leave to remain”. I wrote that shortly after my divorce in a song. It makes sense. But it took me a long time of drawing close to the Lord again to fully realize my vast failure in not completing the truth of that. This is long past and all is forgiven (by God and myself) and I am happily remarried to a wonderful man. But at the time long ago, I didn’t understand that leaving doesn’t always have to be forever. We can leave and get right with the Lord and complete that journey of restoration and regrouping and repurposing and get back together. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t because we never dance alone. However, if you want to work on it, it may be a good technique. Sometimes it isn’t all or nothing, like we all seem to think. Sometimes it is messy with spiritual discipleship because sometimes both dancers or just one chooses a different dance at the moment. Sometimes messy is temporary. When years go by, decisions like mine have to be made. We cannot dance alone. But my heart is for the single and struggling right now, and I want to meaningfully impress upon you that you are tenderly and dearly loved on a massive scale and you are never ever alone. If you feel alone it is a choice to believe the enemy’s lie because the truth is that the second you cry and call to Jesus to be there with you, He shows up. Sometimes it is in the form of a friend or family member or a movie or a warm peaceful feeling or holding your heart while you cry. You see, you cannot dance alone, but you can always under any circumstance dance with your Creator, which makes you princess of the universe. Pretty awesome, that. Keep dancing, beautiful princess! 🙂

Lessons From Children

1. Be in the here and now.
2. Play.
3. All kids are friends until they hurt you. Then you stick out your tongue at them and leave them alone.
4. It really for the most part doesn’t matter what you wear in any situation.
5. Speak the truth.
6. Trust explicitly.
7. Believe every knock on the door is an opportunity to play and run to it.
8. Hugs and kisses are the best medicine for boo boos.
9. Church is a fun place to learn about Jesus and see our friends.
10. If You don’t know something, ask. And ask. And ask. And ask. Until you are satisfied the question has been answered. Then think of another question and repeat.
11. Play.
12. See the world with wonder and God as incredible for making it all.
13. Candy is bliss.
14. Every day has promise.
15. Pets are friends.