Extraordinary Life

Middle aged now, I have some friends sick, some have died, some are dying, others are healthy and strong, others truly just happy and others healthy but caught up in the rat race. I have friends that are parents and grandparents, caretakers, in ministry, against ministry and everything in between. The happiest people are not, ironically, Christian versus Christian, as you would assume from reading Scripture. The happiest people are those who have a broader scope of reference. Let me explain. People who have traveled more, done mission work, served people of varying backgrounds, attended social functions with various people, had conversations with a lot of different people, read a variety of books, these are the people who seem the most happy and content in my world. I am one of these people. All of these interactions allow for a different perspective and a greater appreciation of their lot in life and God and His world and people. Those poorly traveled, poorly served and poorly socialized (I mean in the society at large and not school) and poorly read have a greater level of narcissism and a much more limited view of life. These people seem less content, busier with looking at the other side of the fence, dissatisfied, more ignorant on what else is out there for better or worse. I believe God calls us to a life of service for His good, for other people’s good and especially for our good. We are His adopted children, so He wants us to have I formed joy. Staring at the same plot of land and barely moving from it whilst staring at a metal box that flashes pictures of everyone as beauty kings and queens (as if that ever resembles reality) does not yield a happy person. We are called to more, higher purposes, greater understanding of God’s creation which yields greater understanding ding of God and more meaningful worship.

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